Join the TruckersMP community on the 29th & 30th May 2021 Starting in Catanzaro, and finishing in Aberdeen.

"Mental Health affects more people than you think it does, it's time, as a community to take a step back and support those in need, #ItsOkToTalk ."

FOR 2021

We’re proud to support YoungMinds for 2021, you can find information about our chosen charity below.


Join us from the 29th til the 30th May 2021, as we set off from Catanzaro, heading towards Edinburgh on a 24 Hour Convoy around TruckersMP, find the full details for the event below.


Mental Health affects approximately 95% of the worlds population, and the majority of these cases are within our younger generation.

It’s becoming more apparent that children are suffering with mental health conditions that are increasingly getting more and more concerning.

The NHS itself isn’t particularly funded well, so support for children, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, isn’t particularly good.

The suicide rates throughout 2019, and 2020 alone were higher than the average amount, with children in particular and a lot of the cases were either through neglect from their families, and bullying.

What can i do?

It’s time that we, as a community helped to put a stop towards Mental Health, and help put funding towards making life just that little bit easier for our younger generation.


This event itself, isn’t just about children, although the YoungMinds charity is dedicated to helping young people, but we’re aiming to raise awareness to people all over the world, no matter what age, gender, orientation, or background you’re from.


Mental Health has no specific appetite, it can strike at any point in your life.



Convoy ControlOPEN

To ensure the convoy is heading the correct way and that the essential roads are blocked. You are also to provide instructions to the convoy such as Turn Left etc.


Official StreamerCLOSED

You are to stream a certain route either in the middle of the convoy or towards the back on the official account. You may also stream the TruckFest and raise as many donations as possible.


Media TeamCLOSED

To take pictures when the convoy is moving as well as when it reaches its final destination. You may also record the event to put into a YouTube Video.


Interested in applying?

Check out our recruitment page, and submit your application for a chance to take part in the event as a Staff Member. Your support is very much appreciated!

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