Join the TruckersMP community on the 29th & 30th May 2021 Starting in Catanzaro, and finishing in Aberdeen.


Mental Health Convoy was started up in 2018, to raise awareness for Mental Health issues across the world.

We’re convoying to raise awareness and funding for YoungMinds, a childrens mental health charity, based in the United Kingdom.

This is due to their outstanding work that they do, and the support that they bring to the children who so desperately need the help.

This event was first started by Mark Davison, a TruckersMP community member, and also a presenter on Truckers.FM, since starting the event, we have gained an excellent team that have the same passion & will power to help raise awareness.

Why YoungMinds?

YoungMinds have done some astonishing work with children over the years, and for some it really does hit home.

Mark has suffered with mental health issues most of his life, just like many of you reading this.

They’ve provided some amazing support for Mark and his family over the years, with mental health issues etc, and it’s time to give back to them for what they do.



Convoy ControlOPEN

To ensure the convoy is heading the correct way and that the essential roads are blocked. You are also to provide instructions to the convoy such as Turn Left etc.


Official StreamerCLOSED

You are to stream a certain route either in the middle of the convoy or towards the back on the official account. You may also stream the TruckFest and raise as many donations as possible.


Media TeamCLOSED

To take pictures when the convoy is moving as well as when it reaches its final destination. You may also record the event to put into a YouTube Video.


Interested in applying?

Check out our recruitment page, and submit your application for a chance to take part in the event as a Staff Member. Your support is very much appreciated!

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