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Mark Davison

Mark Davison is the Event Founder for Mental Health Convoy, and is one of the Event Organisers for the 2021 event, you can catch him on Discord, his username is ItsMeerken#3116


So, where have we been?
It’s safe to say, we’ve all been really busy with real life issues at the moment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personally, I’ve been working every single day near enough since March (1 day off a week), trying to support my local community, which has unfortunately meant that my time hasn’t really been useful to the community.

We’ve just recently welcomed back @[EO] Ocean who will be assisting us as an Event Organiser once again, to (hopefully) get the ball rolling with us.

We’ve been discussing, somewhat in the Event Organisers chats about what we need to be doing, and we’re focusing on the priorities at the moment, one of which is the website – it’s a bit outdated, so we’ve purchased a .com domain and we’ve somewhat re-designed the website to look a bit more… friendly to the eye.


Now, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but because of work I’ve barely had the time to do so, I’ve been wanting to switch up the brand designs, away from the Black and Yellow sideways stripe design, to a solid black or solid yellow design, which honestly looks so much more cleaner, and easier on the eyes.

Our social media pages have received an update too, so keep an eye out, and remember to #savethedate 😍

event information

All details for the event can be found in Event Information, expect an update to this soon, as you might’ve noticed Alliance Transport is no more, so that’s out of date… (oops)

I’ll be working on the website throughout this week in my free time, when I finish work, to make sure it’s up to scratch!

Thank you for the continued support.


Mark Davison
Event Founder

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